Fried rice with touch of Thai

Second post, NOT satay.
We made satay again for last night’s BBQ and it was nice, but I think the marinate and sauce are bit on the heavy side. Probably should reduce ingredients which we have doubled in the cooking. However, the satays still received good thumbs up for those who ate them.

By accident, I made a special version of fried rice. Very tasty. Thomas, PR’s 9 year old son probably could finish the whole pot by himself. Now he is keen to learn how to make the fried rice from me in exchange of his omelet recipe. Cute.

I made some Asian dinner on Tuesday night and had too much salt on the “minced beef/pork + sweet basil + chili padi” dish and so we did not finish it and I thought there you go, my lunch for next day – fried with the left over rice. I can eat a lot of fried rice… and I enjoy using the left over food to make something new and edible.

The fried rice was surprisingly tasty, unlike my failed chicken porridge the day before. So I had decided to make a new batch for last night’s party so everybody could taste it too.

Ingredients as below (to serve four):

  • 250g Minced beef/pork or mixed (here in Maastricht, it’s difficult to buy pure minced pork, they always mix it with beef)
  • 1 cup of rice – trick of fried rice is that you should use the overnight rice, not freshly cooked rice. So cook more rice the night before or atleast leave it a few hours in room temperature.
  • Dried prawns – soaked in water to soften before cutting
  • Sweet Thai basil (get a handful of leafs)
  • Spring onion – 2 stalks, chopped about 1cm in length
  • Chili padi – 4-5 more if you like it spicy
  • Garlic – 4 cloves
  • Shallot – 2-3 depending on the size
  • Lime leaf – 3
  • Eggs – 2, whipped.

Marinate the minced pork/beef for 15 minutes before cooking with the below ingredients:

  • Light soy sauce
  • Fish sauce
  • Salt
  • Pepper – white or black does not matter
  • Oyster sauce
Just add a dash of everything and make sure not too much salt since soy sauce is already used. Mix well and leave aside.

Chopped the shallot, chili padi, garlic, dried prawns and lime leafs finely. Heat up the wok with about 2-3 tablespoon of oil, throw in the above ingredients and keep stir frying them until fragrant. You should use medium fire/heat and not burn the ingredients too quickly. Add the sweet Thai basil, stir fry for 2 minutes then put in the minced beef/pork.

Now with the minced beef/pork, you want to break them up into tiny pieces, you can do this by pressing them with the turner, keep stir frying for about 5 minutes. Add a dash of light soy sauce.

Put in the rice. While stir frying, you also want to break the rice up by pressing them with the turner. Once the rice and the other ingredients are well mixed, add in the eggs and spring onions over the rice. Keep stir frying so the rice does not burn at the bottom and stick to the wok.

Taste it, if need to, you can add bit of salt or soy sauce but the marinated minced pork/beef should be salty enough when mixed with the rice.

Wala, I think you are going to like this one! This is a keeper in our menu, in fact we have already bought more sweet basil and minced pork/beef today. If you are planning to make this for guests, you can cook it an hour before and keep it warm in the rice cooker.

I did not take any photos yesterday of the dish but maybe when I cook it again, I will remember to do so and add some picture to this post.


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