De Bobbel – review

De Bobbel , a local Maastricht cafe one must go to. I had walked pass the place couple of times, and never bothered to check it out since it’s always full of people. The crowd is slightly on the older side.

So one day when we were super hungry and complaining that what we miss is to have a “hawker center” serving fast and delicious food here. Weighing the possibility, the fastest food we can get at 3pm is a sandwich and lucky me, Willem is not a sandwich fan either. He suggested Bobbel while I thought maybe he can try the “Wok-n-Go” near the market.

Apparently Bobbel is quite efficient with food serving. He thinks we can get our food in max 15 minutes (and he is right!). We saw a table in Bobbel that’s available and headed into the cafe which I should have been first trip to Maastricht.

Bobbel has this typical Maastricht dark wallnut well polished ceiling, it feels like some classic cafe you see in movies where Al Pacino might be sipping coffee, reading his newspaper… Oh well… reality is most people in the cafe are drinking beer or the Bobbel special shooter.

De bobbel

On the menu, they have a selection of Maastricht soups, and stews. I have always prefer creamy soup so I skipped the veg, onion or fish soup. Scampi with garlic and butter was my choice while Willem has De Bobbel stew, which is made of tender pork and capsicum in a beer sauce (Brand Imperator beer).

Scampi in garlic and butterDe Bobbel stew

Now you see them, now you don’t! They are delicious. I would bring my parents here when they are in Maastricht, the food is acceptable for their extreme chinese taste bud and limited appetite for European food.

De Bobbel

Just like many other bars/cafe in Maastricht, you find them serving Brand beer. I like this beer and usually have the Pilsner. It’s very light, you can also order in the small glass which makes beer drinking seems very civilised. The Brand menu on the wall…

De Bobble Brand beer

Brand is the oldest brewery from Limburg, and thus in the whole country. On my first trip in Maastricht, Saskia attempted to take me on a Brand beer tour called the Brandslang, which means drinking atleast a beer in every pub that has a Brand sign, too many… I think we stopped at 10.

De Bobbel menu is very affordable, the current owner sticks to the original motto of the cafe, together with its pricing policy. My scampi only cost Euro10.90 while the same dish in Brugge costs Euro15.90 as a starter (4 shrimps!) and Euro24.90 as main.

I think I am going to have Bobbel Scampi lunch today!

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