Baked dorade (sea bream) with olives and tomatoes

One day I was sent to the Wednesday market for some dorades. I had no idea how it is spelled, how the fish looks, only thinking I am going to buy Nemo’s blur friend Dory.

Well, Maastricht big fish market only opens on Friday. However on the Wednesday, the biggest fishmonger will send two guys operating a small truck with smaller selection of seafood. The name of the company is something like Vis-potheek or Fish Apotheek. Apotheek in Dutch means pharmacy, the pharmacy here is not like our Guardian or Watson.

The similar shop comparing to Guardian or Watson is Kruidvat. You don’t know how excited I was when I discovered Kruidvat. I literally walked row by row, looking at every single shelf, afraid I would miss anything I need but I don’t remember needing until I see one.

OK, so the actual dorade fish looks like this and it’s also called sea bream.

Dorade fish

Dorade fish

Refuse to cook the fish Willem style (just rub with salt+olive oil and put in oven), so I googled up  a recipe which he agreed to and we made the fish. Comparing the end result photos, I don’t think they looked alike but the fish was tasty, the sauce/juice was yummy and it will goes well with rice! With a little trick/change in preparation, it can be an European dish served as a main course.


bake dorade


  • 1 dorade fish – gutted and clean
  • 5 very sweet ripe small tomatoes or 3 big tomatoes – small tomates cut into half, big tomaotes cut into 4
  • Parsley – finely chopped
  • Fresh oregano – finely chopped, do not replaced with dried oregano
  • Green olives – sliced
  • Salt
  • Olive oil

Get a big piece of baking paper (or aluminum foil), rub some olive oil at the base. Rub some salt and olive oil on the fish, stuff the oregano, olives and parsley into the fish stomach.

bake dorade

Put the tomatoes under and on top of the fish.

bake dorade

Fold the fish in the paper.

bake dorade

Preheat the oven to 180 degree, bake the fish for 30-35 minutes.

bake dorade

The juice/sauce from the fish, olives, tomatoes… to die for, we licked till the last drop. I can so imagine eating this dish at a Chinese restaurant, served with rice.

For some Europeans who cannot stomach the fish with the head on, I would suggest to fillet the fish, pan fry the meat but leave the bones and the head to be baked in oven to get the juice. Or, even if you can stomach the fish with head attached, for presentation purposes I would burn the skin a little (with torch) so it does not look the same as before sent to the oven.

Side note: maybe normal Chinese steamed fish can also add olives to enhance the taste?

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