India House – The only Indian restaurant in Maastricht

If you are an Indian living in Maastricht craving for Indian food and not know how to cook any yourself, this is the place to go. It’s located at Bredestraat, towards the direction of Vrijthof.

Since I come from Malaysia and also spent the last 3 years in Singapore, Indian food is no strange food to me. However, I am no expert on the details of Indian food; I only knowthat in Malaysia, we have choice of the Mamak or the Banana Leafs.

Mamak is referring to the Indian Muslim in Malaysia and often the restaurants serve Nasi Kandar which is quite a localised Indian type of food. You can also find the non Muslim Indian food and most of the time, they call it the banana leafs as food are being served on the leafs itself.

Singapore has quite some nice Indian restaurants as well. The caucasian expats and the Indian expats prefer Indian food over Chinese food at anytime. My favourite is the Mutton Briyani. The rice comes with full powerful flavour and mutton tender + fragrant papadum. You know, those who eat papadum often will be able to taste the good papadum and the bad papadum, I think bad soggy papadum still beats the tasteless papadum.

Before coming to Maastricht, I had forgotten about Briyani, not realising that’s also a mission impossible in Maastricht. Luckily there is one Indian restaurant but unfortunately their nasi briyani and papadum are both disappointing.

India House

The look ok but not tasty food

I ate the whole lot anyway, it taste similar enough to briyani, just not the better one I have had.

The restaurant seems to be run by a couple, friendly enough. However… at the end of the meal, the guy came over to check if everything was alright and if the food are good, I said… “you know, I come from Malaysia… Indian food is a little different”. He walked away quickly as if like he was escaping from me. Hmm…. If this is the real Indian food one gets in India, come to Malaysia, we should you tasty Indian food at the mamak!

Looks like either I learn how to make Briyani and bring back bags of papadum from Malaysia on my next trip, I have no choice but to go back for the taste like Indian food India house.

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3 Responses to India House – The only Indian restaurant in Maastricht

  1. Willem says:

    Let me comment on my dishes: chicken tikka tandoori and lamb vindaloo.
    The first is nice, could be a bit more grilled, and could be more… 8 small pieces of chicken, why so stingy?!?
    The vindaloo had a quite OK taste, but lacked its famous hotness… and also here… not enough meat.
    I think the rice was nice, good texture and dryness.

    We should be able to do a better job than these people – lets try!

    They have a small winelist, with some Elzas wines, though the gewurtztraminer which would have been a safe match was out of stock. Their pinot blanc was too basic, and some whites from too old a year. The wines are cheap, and really, dont expect anything.
    No wine knowledge whatsoever available from the staff, they even pour too much in the glasses.

  2. Mohammed Sanaullah Mia says:

    I know about this Indian restaurant in Maastricht, I had a super experience in this excellent restaurant about 12 years ago. It bears a very nice traditional Indian food. The owner Mr. Maznu & his wife are really a respectable couple. They have the restaurant experience of more than 30 years in USA and Europe.
    Sanaul, Paris, France

  3. Mosambique says:

    I know this place too, great restaurant, great food and great people who run it. I am Indian and funny enough i have also lived in Malaysia for ten years. And I must say out of experience that the indian food is more authentic at the India house than anywhere i’ve been in Malaysia.

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