We bought some cheap lunch vouchers via a website for Restaurant “O”. This is the second time using the voucher for Friday lunch and I am definitely coming back to this place.

Restaurant "O"   Restaurant "O"

“O” is a rather small restaurant with about 15 tables located in Wyck. “O” has a fancier sister restaurant Rozemarijn at Havenstraat. Personally I much perefer “O” than Rozemarijn.

“O” has about 5-6 staffs working in the kitchen and 1 waitress, 1 very efficient and pleasant waitress who has a genuine smile on her face when she serves.

With the vouchers we get a 2 courses surprise menu, the chef gets to decide what to cook for us. “O” is a seafood/fish restaurant. I love it when they come out with a plate of baby mussels. I been wanting to eat mussels since last trip to Brugge (had some lousy mussels) and apparently if there is no letter “R” in the month, it’s not mussels season here. May, June, July, August are not good months for mussels.

Restaurant "O"

Well, I think the “R” theory is a myth!

The mussels were very fresh, well cooked and the sauce was YUMMMM!! I am not sure if this dish is on their normal menu, I will definitely request for it if they can make it again. They are also generous in the amount of mussels in the starter. They could have got away with giving only half the portion but I am glad they didn’t.

The main course was fish (of course). I been looking forward for it since the very nice mussels and we were a little surprised when they presented our main course.

Restaurant "O"

Is grilled tuna with hollandaise sauce, lamb’s ear (a type of seaweed), reddish, baby tomato, baby potato, carrot, french beans, cauliflower and sweet pea. I am not a tuna fan usually and wouldn’t order tuna as my main course. Thanks to the chef, I know now that tuna can be nice when grilled.

The couple next to our table had the same voucher and instead of tuna, they had grilled cod. Apparently for some reason tuna seems like a fancier fish than cod fish here.

After the delicious starter and main, we were on such good spirit and even order dessert which we don’t usually do. Sweet dessert does not go well with wine unless you are drinking super sweet wine. I simply do not like any sweetness in my wine.

Restaurant "O"

I was too eager to dig into the strawberries and sorbet, forgotten to take photo before messing up the dish and this is the best photo I have got for our dessert.

Highly recommended if you are up for some good fish and very good services, “O” is the place to go. I think this is my current favourite restaurant in Maastricht.

I heard the restaurant is up for sale, be quick to make a reservation before they change the team. Check out their website www.restaurant-o.nl .


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