KGB (Kitchen Galerie Bis) Paris

Paris Paris. It was a surprise trip, I thought we were flying to Spain.

We drove 4 hours to Paris from Stoumont, Belgium where we spent 2 nights in the cosy cottage house with beautiful landscape.

The eating affair starts the moment we arrived Paris. We had a reservation at Brasserie Flo Gare Du Nord. I noticed the prices on the menu are much higher than in Maastricht. The Brasserie is by far the biggest restaurant I have ever eaten in. They must have a super efficient kitchen.

We had some nice meals in unique restaurants, KGB stands out undoubtedly. Three thumbs up for the chef if I have more than a pair of them.

KGB Paris   

We had to delay the reservation after having some very late Vietnamese breakfast in China Town while catching up with a friend who lives in Paris. I am glad we did not cancel the reservation.

The menu starts with 2, 4 or 6 hors d’oeuvres (appetizer), I highly recommend to go for the 6 hors d’oeuvres, cost euro22. Every dish is beautifully prepared and tastes just as beautiful as they look.

KGB Paris

There are mackerel, croquette, fish, crab, gaspacho, and beef. I am no expert so I don’t exactly know what are the sauces and herbs that comes with the dishes but they are surely yummy. All of them.

Then you get to the pasta menu which gives you choice of two different pasta in two sizes. Small one like the photo above cost euro16 and the big one 20 something. Because we were also going for main dish, so it was wise to not over stuff ourselves although we knew we would love the langoustine pasta. Langoustine is Willem’s favourite and I know when it comes to prawns, langoustine or lobster on the menu, don’t miss it! The pasta was very well made with the rocket leaves sauce and the langoustine was cooked to perfection.

On the main dish menu, you get about 6 choices ranging from fish to meat. Willem had his favourite fish – mackerel and I had my favourite meat – pork. A day before, we had also roast pork as main for dinner but I couldn’t refuse pork belly in French menu. I had to try.


Wow, the pork was so tender but keeping its texture. The sauce with pine nuts, mushrooms and garden bean was complimenting the meat nicely. Willem’s pork belly cooking is always very good and I give him a 9 for his pork belly cooking but this is just as good as my favourite pork belly. Different way of preparing and cooking but same level of satisfaction it gives to me. I was too into my pork belly and forgotten to taste the mackerel but according to Willem, it was very nicely done too.

I regret that I did not order any dessert, they must be as heavenly as the hors d’oeuvres, pasta and my main. I think my subconscious told me the bill is getting high for lunch and I don’t usually like sweet dessert.

The chef was very friendly before we leave and he stood there thanking us or rather us thanking him at the door. I gave him a little tips on how if he could improve on the pork belly skin crispiness by poking a lot of holes before roasting, I wonder if he will try.

Because I like the restaurant so much, I did a little googling to find that it is a very popular restaurant among the serious eaters. The chef who opens the restaurant (William Ledeuil) was a sous chef in a 3 michelin stars restaurant. He left the job for wanting to be his own chef and also providing more affordable food to the people like us! However, he was too good to be left unnoticed and his first restaurant (Ze Kitchen Galerie) was given one michelin star.

He then opens the KGB, providing simpler food and at affordable prices. Today, he is one of the most influential chefs in Paris. You taste the asian influence in his dish but he cleverly not allowing the asian herbs/spices over taking the dish.

Definitely going back to this restaurant whenever I am in Paris. If you are in Paris, don’t miss it! They open for lunch and dinner with the same menu, I would suggest to make a reservation in order not to disappoint yourself.

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One Response to KGB (Kitchen Galerie Bis) Paris

  1. This was perfectly made food with soul! Highly satisfying! I wanna go back!

    Our Jaboulet Aine Viognier was a perfect match with the sublime langoustines – I could have eaten this dish three times in a row… 🙂

    I love viognier wines with langoustine/lobster/shrimp, they wines are dry but have the same hint of sweetness that prawns and their likes have, the freshness is very nicely build in the wine and complements seafood, whereas the wines have enough body to pair with the subtle but intense sauces that often accompany these dishes (Euro style made that is).
    The aroma of white flowers, anis and French peach goes very well with the aroma of the shells, a taste/aroma both of us love.
    This this was so good, I wished I had taken the Condrieu – Condrieu is the French village where the viognier grape originally comes from and the place where this grape reaches outstanding heights, unique experiences… These wines have density and ethereal feel at the same time. Condrieu is my favorite wine, and yes – they combine best with my favorite food!
    The best wine I ever drank is George Vernay’s Condrieu ‘Cotes de Vernon’ 2006. Besides Vernay also Les Vins de Vienne and Francois Villard make great Condrieu wines, and close to their level are Delas, Perret, Rostaign and Guigal (La Doriane), who make a bit more powerful wines. Gangloff and Cuilleron are also worth a try.

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