A couple of thoughts about food

1. Food/restaurants review online

We do a lot of research before traveling to make sure we are eating the best out of the city we are going to. Does not matter if it’s the street food or the (almost) starred food. Like when we went to Paris, Willem had done nice research in finding KGB, and a couple of restaurants with new ideas and some failed recommendation we chose to follow.

The conclusion seems to be not to use tripadvisor when you are looking for restaurants. They are the most unreliable source of good food compass. Well, I did a simple search and found it recommending a Thai restaurant as the top restaurant in Maastricht which is absolutely nonsense. I used their advice and went to a vietnamese restaurant in Paris and found no one else except us in the restaurant and the Pho tasted like it was made out of instant noodle… and at the end, the waitress tried to make us feel oriental by giving us complimentary “wine” which we soon found out is the “mei gui lu” we used to marinate pork belly.

Read some food reviews from real foodies, people who take eating seriously, see what they recommend in their city.

2. Be critical and be honest when you are writing review of a restaurant

I came across some blogger’s reviews on the food in Maastricht. Hm…. hm…. I don’t want to discriminate the credibility because of her nation but honestly, this person does not know what is good food.

Often bloggers or food critics who make their living out of writing reviews for restaurants and food are not very honest. They are too polite, not wanting to scare restaurants owners away from advertising on their website. They are too politically correct, not wanting to offend their readers.

I hate to be lured to a restaurant that serve disastrous food because of these bloggers. Come on, if the food is bad, just give compliments about the windows and chairs or how beautiful the waitress was, don’t lie about the food.

3. When it comes to choosing your food from the menu

Always go for lobster or langoustine if you see them in the list! Every time I skipped lobster, I find myself drooling over my friend’s plate with the lobster in it. Every time I skipped langoustine, my eyes couldn’t leave the langoustines in the plate passing my table. Of course, order if they are within your budget, don’t freak your partner if the lobster is way above market price and you still insist to have them.

Truffle. If you see truffle in the ingredients, grab it. Unless you are Saskia who does not like truffle. Does not like truffle?!!!


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One Response to A couple of thoughts about food

  1. Willem says:

    I wish I could stick to the menu choosing rules…often I wanna experiment…better stick with the favs!

    In the Netherlands iens.nl is very popular for restaurant reviews. It is very bad. Especially on Maastricht. I think Aiwee dislikes the similar hungrygowhere in Asia (nice name though).
    Wisdom of crowds doenst go for restaurant reviews…on food there is no democracy.
    Too many people dont eat out often enough to have any reference. And are stunned by the nice experience, or cannot understand something different. They get influenced by decor or service (which can be judges by a crowd).
    In the Netherlands I like knoopjeslos.nl, made by people who know how to eat.
    For our Paris trip I am indebted to John Talbot, who runs an excellent food blog.
    In general chow.com is good – but only trust it when there are more people contributing to more than one post. On the bigger cities you quickly will recognize the local knowledgeable people which you can trust.
    Tripadvisor is the worst…too many people, to democratic, and too much tainted by the nice holiday feel to have make ny critical sense…

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