Kobe – Japanese restaurant in Maastricht

Decided last minute to go out for dinner. On a Saturday night, 8.30pm with no prior reservation, tough luck to find a decent restaurant serving decent food with a fair price. Willem has his preferences of which restaurants he had been and not going again, I just want some food.

First choice was Petit Bonheur, a place we have yet to try. It was full house with at least 25 people waiting to be served. We must go back there again one day, this place seems to be always full of people.

Then we walked to the Vrijthof trying to get a table at Gio, an Italian restaurant. Willem avoids eating Italian food out of Italy at all cost. He has heard good reputation from this place and thought we ought to give it a try. Again, full house with people sitting at bar waiting.

Okay, we thought, let’s go to Wyck. It’s full of restaurants there and probably less tourists and therefore chances of finding a table is higher. Of course we also thought of giving “O” a go if we see table available. There was indeed a couple of tables free at “O” but we changed our mind and head to Kobe instead since it is supposed to be trying a new restaurant night.

Standing outside Kobe, watching the guests around the terpanyaki table… we were still thinking if we really want to eat at Kobe. The prices are ridiculously expensive was my impression of the place. Oh well, we will have to try this place one day and let that one day be today.

Upon being seated and given the menu, I regret again for encouraging the idea of trying Kobe out. The salmon sashimi costs Euro16 per plate of 7 or 8 slices instead of the cheap Kaishu at Euro 4 for 6 slices. 4 times the price! We went along to pick a bottle of wine which was the easiest thing to do, then decide that we not taking the “set menu” which has a mix of some sushi nigiri, sashimi, miso soup, some stir fry..etc In general each set costs about Euro50, with some more expensive and some cheaper.

We ordered 1 salmon sashimi, 1 set of assorted sushi nigiris, 2 unagi sushi, 2 california handrolls (Euro6.50 each!), 1 chicken terpanyaki and 1 plate of ebi tempura. We thought of checking the quality first before spending any more money at the place.

We were served with marinated horse reddish and three little salmon skin sushi as the appetizers. They were quite good. Then we were given about 7 each of the edamame (boiled Japanese green bean) which was nothing to shout about. Following the edamame, we were given each a bowl of miso soup which they said is part of the assorted sushi deal. The waitresses were polite though I find they could do with one more additional staff. Our wine glasses were empty for too long and too often because they don’t leave the wine bottle close enough at our table for self refilling.

Our assorted sushi along with the individual sushi nigiris and sashimi came shortly after. It looked like we had enough of food on our table and I did not have to worry about not ordering enough food. Assorted sushi consists of 6 pieces of assorted nigiri sushi, 5 pieces of salmon maki or something like that, can’t remember exactly. The fish were all fresh though i don’t see the skill needed to slice some fish and put them on rice.

Then came our ebi tempura and terpanyaki chicken. The ebi tempura was nicely done with fluffy batter, the prawn was crunchy and the tempura sauce was good. The terpanyaki chicken is terpanyaki chicken, sweet with terpanyaki sauce.

Over all I must say this is a better Japanese restaurant serving more authentic Japanese food then Kaishu. We chose to sit away from the terpanyaki table full of families. I think the terpanyaki tables with constant big flames are the attraction for many who goes to a Japanese restaurant in Maastricht. However, for somebody like me who just wants some salmon/tuna sashimi, a few good california handroll, some nice unagi sushi, I think i will do just fine going to Kaishu. Kaisu usually costs us between Euro50-75 while Kobe costs us Euro150.

In general, Japanese restaurants here (the two I have tried) is not like what we used to in South East Asia. We were spoilt with choices and options of sushis at very affordable prices. I am no Japanese, Sushi Tei is just what I need. Can somebody please bring Sushi Tei to Maastricht?!


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