Lotus root soup with pork ribs

We been cooking all sort of soups. We think by adding soups into our meals, we reduce the need of eating more rice (carb) or more meat. I like lotus root soup, most chinese like lotus root soup. However, if you are not used to this soup, some may find it odd because it’s nothing like the western/european soups. Willem has grown to like it these days and does not mind if I make it once a week.

Chinese usually add herbs into their soup to make it healthier in the Chinese sense. Most fo the time they think some of the soups has “cooling” effect due to the ingredient used. I believe in the idea of heating and cooling food theory but find it difficult to explain the theory scientifically nor convincing Willem what they are about.

Soups are usually easy to make, or maybe I just like to avoid cooking complicated soups like the asparagus soup made by Har that was so delicious but takes too much effort to prepare.

Ingredient for the lotus soup (serving between 2-4)

From left the tiny red berries are wolfberries, the single big date is dried sweet date and on the right are dried red dates

  • 1 Lotus root (one arm)
  • Handful of peanuts
  • 8 dried red dates
  • handful of dried wolfberries
  • 1 dried sweet date
  • About 6 pieces of 3 inches pork ribs (you may increase the quantity or change the size of the ribs, this amount if only to indicate the quantity of ribs I used

Clean the lotus root (if you bought them form supermarket, they are usually cleaned from mud, if you bought them from wet market, they might be covered with mud which you need to brush off), peel the skin, and cut them into slices. The slices can be 2mm thin or 5-10mm thick, up to you.

Rinse the peanuts (do not need to be roasted before), dates and berries.

If you are cooking for two, bring 2.5 bowls of water to boil, slightly more if needed in order to cover all ingredients. If you are cooking for 4, brings 5 bowls of water to boil. Add in the peanuts, lotus roots, wolfberries, red dates and sweet date. Let it boil for 10-15 minutes.

Add in the pork ribs and reduce the heat, allow it to simmer for minimum 45 minutes. Taste the soup in between, if it starts to get sweet or you think is getting too sweet, remove the dried sweet date from the soup and allow the rest to continue simmer.

Personally I do not add any salt or sugar in this soup. Taste the soup and add salt or soy sauce if you want to but I really think it’s not necessary.

Depending on the ribs you have bought. The very fat ribs will produce quite some oil and when heat is reduced, you see them floating on top of the soup. Scoop the oil out if you can be bothered. I do that often to reduce unnecessary animal oil intake.

Serve the soup on a bowl with some lotus roots, ribs, and peanuts. The red dates and wolfberries are also edible.


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