Nam Kee – The best Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam??

Two weekends ago we were in Amsterdam for Renates birthday party. It was a good party with plenty to drink and actually plenty to eat too. At the end of the night, I was doing my standard big smiley face and being entertained by this lady who was talking all the time. Hey, that used to be my job – doing the talking!

Next day, we politely (or impolitely!) skip the bacon and eggs breakfast prepared by Stephen, and headed to China town for some Chinese. Well, I have to take advantage being in the big city with the cheap Chinese food. Nam Kee is the place to go, according to Willem and also I think Miguel said that’s the only place make food resemblance like the Chinese.

The interior just like any  Chinese restaurant, nothing to shout about. Waitress was rather cold, unlike the usually service orientated Asian restaurant in Netherlands. We ordered the roasted pork belly, roast duck, wan ton soup and stir fry squid in salt and pepper.

The roasted pork belly was a disappointment, it tasted not even as good as the one we made at home. It was so below the average that I don’t even think is easy to find roast pork belly of this quality in the Malaysian/Singapore food court. In Netherlands they like to call this dish “Babi Pangang” (roast pork) and every time i see this name on a Chinese restaurant menu, memory puts me off from ordering it again.

The roast duck was not bad. Meat was tender and I had no difficulty chewing them. Some times duck could be over cooked that I chew till my mouth feels tired. This is a dish that I can come back to Nam Kee for.

I had ordered the salt and pepper squid because while in Tioman 4 weeks ago, they made it so nice that I had to have it again. This is the biggest disappointment of the meal, I am not sure what they think the dish is and how did they screw it up. There was no salt, there was no pepper, there was no no taste in the squid itself.

The wanton soup was the most value for money dish. If i am not mistake, it costs about Euro3.50 and it came with about 6 wantons. The wanton was not bad and it does not look like some instant frozen wanton. The soup was delicious. However, they refuse to top up the soup for me when we wish to have more. Come on, how much do water and MSG cost?!

Will I go back to this restaurant again? Maybe. Half the dishes disappoint me means there is still half to go for! Yes, I am in the no option land. It was very affordable too, we had a bill of Euro35 (from my memory) which would easily costs double in Maastricht.

13th October 2011:

So I went back again yesterday while in Amsterdam to try the noodle with dumpling dish. I wanted it dry instead of soupy and there was a 50cent add on cost which I did not mind paying. I find the noodle a little too salty and they gave too many dumplings (9!), I got to have a really good appetite to finish the whole dish, So I did half. It was okay but not up to my expectation.

My friend however was enjoying her duck rice a lot.


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