Nyonya Malaysia Express in Amsterdam

I was very excited to read about this restaurant in Amsterdam. Finally! Something taste familiar, something taste like home apart from my own cooking. I read many reviews, including those that was made by fellow Malaysians in Netherlands, I remembered being there once 3 years ago and the nasi lemak was very nice…

I ordered Asam fish, curry chicken, curry beef, kangkong belacan, petai sambal…etc

Willem thinks they are all disgusting dishes, not because he does not like Malaysian food but they are all not well made. I think they are edible but nothing resemblance of Malaysian cuisine. Maybe the restaurant should not have named themselves after Malaysia, it’s a disgrace to cheat their customers. If this restaurant is located in Malaysia itself, I can guarantee that they will never survive.

The asam fish, I cannot describe. I have never seen/taste asam fish like theirs in Malaysia, there was nothing Malaysian or asam about the fish. Totally out of my imagination. curry chicken was ok because it tasted similar to green curry chicken. But hey, I thought that’s a Thai dish!

Curry beef was edible but again, I have never tasted any beef curry like that in Malaysia. Kangkong belacan… I could see kangkong, but there was no belancan at all! Do they understand kangkong belancan means kangkong stir fry in belacan? Like BELACAN is just as important as the kangkong and garlic does not taste the same as belacan? Sambal petai, forget about it, my own sambal petai tastes 5 times better than theirs. If i keep on typing, I might start to swear and I think therefore is best to stop typing now.

Do not think this restaurant makes Malaysian food or Nyonya cuisine as they call themselves. I might however go back to try the Chicken rice or the nasi lemak although I know I have try very hard to convince Willem to do so, but at least then I can officially say there is no good Malaysian food they can make.



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