Luna Rossa – THE ice-cream place in Maastricht

Just about 1 minute walk from our place, there is this great ice-cream seller around the corner – Luna Rossa. It’s located just around the corner from Onze Lieve Vrouw Plein (Our Beloved Lady Square) I see that they also have a branch in the Wyck, at Ruiterij.

Having to walk pass this little ice cream shop when I have to go to the supermarket means I had to walk very fast and not think about the ice-cream. I love their chocolate ice cream. So thick, creamy and so chocolate! The Awfully Chocolate in Singapore definitely has 10 times more chocolate taste in their ice cream than this one but the Luna Rossa chocolate ice cream is just nice, just enough chocolate that I can

eat the whole scoop by myself.

They have about 20 flavours of ice-cream to choose from ranging from the usual brown/light brown, yellow, red, green to funky electric blue one. I always stick to my chocolate ice-cream and let Willem experiment with the other flavours.


There is almost always a queue in this ice-cream shop especially when the sun is shining, the queue could be so long that you have to wait 10 minutes for your turn to be served.  So if you are walking pass and see no queue, go in a grab a ice-cream for yourself!

Note added 14th March 2012:

They have another outlet in the Wyck, near Plein 1992 Coffee Lovers. But I think the OLV Plein outlet is more generous with their scoop of ice cream.

After living here several months I realise some time in the late Autumn Luna Rossa only opens during the weekend. In the Winter coldest months, they are completely closed. This year, they reopened daily from March. 


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