Enoteca DiSteffi – Good wine bar in Maastricht

Willem has approved two places to drink wine (for us) in Maastricht. A good wine drinking place for him is defined as:

  1. Good selection of drink-able wine
  2. Uses suitable wine glasses – not the tiny one
  3. Good reasonable prices – he was in the trade and knows the costs
  4. Good atmosphere, friendly services

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Plein has always been our preferred square than the touristy Vrijthof. One of our good-sunny-day wine drinking place is ‘t Klaoske, located at one of the corner at Onze Lieve Vrouwe Plein. They serve wine by glasses from 4.25/glass and have decent selection from good vintages and reputable wine makers.

You can of course find cheaper wine somewhere else but good value for quality wine are not served everywhere. Until recently when we discover Enoteca Disteffi on Kesselskade (opposite Brasserie Bonhomme).

Dino and Steffi are the owners of the wine bar, very friendly couple. I am surprised at times when they are extremely busy or when Dino has to man the bar alone, he always manages to maintain his calm and always comes with a smile.

When Willem told me about the bar, we had to go there. His description of the bar was “they have wide selection of wine and they are extremely well priced at 3.75 per glass”. So off we went to the bar.

Indeed they have more than 20 types of (white) wine for the price of 3.75 per glass. I didn’t count but probably about 50 including red. I am not a wine expert, never figure how to pronounce most of the names and type of grapes in Italian or French. Where I came from, we only need to know merlot, shiraz, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, riesling…etc

Moving to Maastricht living with the wine enthusiast (might be an understatement!) means I am getting even more confused in what is what. However I do manage to remember that I like Condrieu, an expensive taste or the wine which I never remember the name but it comes with a round bottle (see left).

Back to the 50 types of wine for 3.75 a glass. Euro 3.75, can you believe it? On top of the price, they are from good quality wine maker. Willem was so concern that they sold their wine too cheaply, the business might not sustain and we might lose a good place to drink wine. So he foolishly suggested to Dino that he should increase prices on some of the wine, I am glad advice was not taken!

When the place is less busy, they serve good snacks such as almond (my favourite) and good cheese. Or should I say when the place is busy, Dino tends to forget certain things. Not blaming him if he has to constantly refilling the wine for customers.

So if you are in Maastricht and appreciate a glass of wine or two, that’s the place to go. Dino loves talking to his customers about the wine (he is very knowledgable), or suggest to you what you might like if you are not sure what you like.


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  1. Just perfect, very nice

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