Pasta con Pesce Bianco – pasta with cod fish





The weather has been fantastic for too many days, it’s feels like June again. Except the trees on the street clearly showing sign of autumn. It’s again 24 degree today and the sun is shining fiercely since this morning.

Yesterday after coming back from the supermarket, I had sudden urge of sitting outside having a glass of wine (one is never enough though). Without many friends in Maastricht, I saw Simon our neighbour online and invited him to join me on the street but he had to work. Well I was not going to waste the nice weather so I rang Willem to find out which bottle should I be drinking from our cellar. It took me 20 minutes to figure and find the bottle that I can drink. I do remember he says everything on the floor is for drinking and do not touch those on the tables or on the shelves. The bad news is that there were not too many bottles left on the floor and they don’t look familiar to me and I don’t want to be drinking one of his limited edition wine by accident. Which I did once, it was standing on the floor!

By the time the table, chairs, glasses and wine bucket were set up, Willem was already home to join me. I had planned my dinner before drinking (such as defrosting the cod fish) but the drinking kept dinner as only a plan until over 8pm. There was no time for any Chinese cooking and I was not keen to eat pizza in lieu of cod fish, so pasta it was which should only take 15 minutes if I were any efficient.

Ingredients (for 2):

  • 300 gram cod fish, cooked in microwave for 2 minutes, in this way you can remove the bones and skin easily
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic – chopped finely
  • 25 vine ripen cherry tomatoes, each  cut into 4. In Maastricht, it’s easy to find nice vine tomatoes, we bought these (in photo) from the Turkish groenteman opposite Jumbo.
  • 140 gram spaghetti (Barilla No.5)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Basils
  • Black pepper
Same method with cooking Pasta Gamberi but this time we replace prawns with cod fish (or other white fish). 

Heat up a pan with some olive oil, add in the tomatoes. Let it cook until the tomatoes start to soften and then add in the garlic.

I was very generous with the tomatoes because we had plenty of them at home. I find the generosity always benefit my pasta.

While the tomatoes and garlic are being cooked (in low heat) in the pan, you can process the cod fish (after being cooked in microwave for 2 minutes). Separate the meat from the bones and skin, leave them aside. You might find the bowl which you used to cook the fish in microwave contain some “juice” form the fish, add those into the tomatoes, don’t waste.

You may start cooking your pasta for 8 minutes. Remember to add 1 tablespoon of salt into the cooking water. Adding olive oil is not necessary unless you are not using the spaghetti immediately.

At about 3 minutes of pasta cooking time, add the fish into the tomatoes sauce, let it cook on medium-low heat, add some black pepper. At 6-7 minute of pasta cooking time, add a scoop of pasta cooking water into your tomatoes + fish sauce. This will thicken the sauce and act as a  binding agent with your spaghetti later. Remember that you have added salt into the pasta cooking water, therefore unlikely you need to add more salt into the sauce now, however, do taste and adjust accordingly.

At 8th minute, drain the spaghetti and add them into the sauce. Add some olive oil, black pepper (if needed) and mix well. Serve on plate and tear some basils onto the pasta.


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