Wen Chow Maastricht Chinese Restaurant

Wen Chow located opposite the Maastricht train station. It has been recommended by several people telling me that even the Chinese living in Germany would travel to eat there. I had only been eaten at La Chine as for the Chinese restaurants in Maastricht. La Chine is definitely NOT worth another visit.

Wen Chow was started by a Chinese immigrant many years ago and upon returning to Hong Kong for his retirement, he left the business for his son who grew up in the Netherlands. I was rather sceptical knowing that the owner of the restaurant spent his entire life in Netherlands and I would probably be eating some modified Dutch Chinese food.

We went to Wen Chow yesterday, they have a Dutch menu and also a full Chinese menu. I was happy to see the Chinese menu starting with selection of dim sums. Dim sums are often eaten here as the starter. Following the dim sums, there were the vegetable, meat, seafood…etc quite a long list.

We ordered:

  • Siew Mai 
  • Cha Siew Cheong Fan
  • Steamed pork ribs with black bean
  • Singapore stir fry carrot cake
  • Pork belly stew with preserved vegetable
  • Haf a roast duck

Siew mai

Steamed pork ribs

Pork belly and roast duck


Items in blue were in the dim sum list and they cost between 3-5 euro which is ok-ly reasonable. Singapore stir fry carrot cake was not the best but quite edible, cheong fan is some sort of thin rice roll with filling inside, it was quite edible too. Steamed pork ribs was exactly like what I had expected, enjoyed the dish very much. The Siew Mai however does not have good texture and I will not order this again when I return. The siew mai lacks real meat and prawns, too much of flour, taste a little like the instant stuffs you can buy from the supermarket.

Half a duck costs about 15 euro and it was not bad at all. With the duck we get some rice. However the pork belly was a total disappointment. It was too sweet and the worst version of pork belly I ever had in my entire life. We thought it was too badly cooked that didn’t worth us consuming the fat, there was more than half a plate was left untouched.

The owner (my guess) was fairly polite, he explained the pork belly is being cooked Cantonese style and he immediately asking if it was too sweet for us. Well… if he knew the dish was too sweet, why don’t they make the nice version of it?

I guess I will go back to this restaurant some times, to eat dishes that I don’t cook at home and probably try more of the dim sums. The meal costs us Euro50+ with a pot of Chinese tea and a beer.

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