Special food review!

Once a month or more often, we travel to eat at Sweikhuizen. Sweikhuizen is a little village in Limburg, the Netherlands. It’s purely for the local and I can hardly find any information in English of this village via google. The place we eat is opposite the local church. Willem told me the size of the church in a village tells you the size of the population of the village. Or at least it once did. The church is definitely not the bigger one I have seen around this country.

The last time we were there, we had a 4 course meal, it seems they only have 4 course meal in the menu, the chef probably thinks 3 courses are not enough to show his culinary skill. 😉

Starter: Pumpkin soup

It’s the pumpkin season, both for Halloween and Autumn. The pumpkin soup was the best I have had to date, the chef has a thing for soups and he never disappoints me.




First course: Fish in Thai accented curry with rice

Often if the chef knows he has Asian guest, he would make one of the dish with some Asian touch. Some times he likes a little fusion in his cooking, some times it’s traditionally Limburg cooking. Although I just had delicious Thai food the night before at a restaurant in Amsterdam, I still, thoroughly enjoy this dish.


Second course: Braised pork with baked leek in creamy peanut butter sauce

It was intended to use pork belly but the chef failed to get pork belly for the day and so he had to modify the dish by using lean pork. The pork was tender and the sauce was complimentary.

This is the second time I have had the peanut butter sauce (on leek), but I could not tell if it’s pure peanut butter sauce from the jar or there was some modification done to it. However, it was quite a match with the leek, on one hand fresh, on the other hand heavy. The fries were cooked in true Limburg style – fried in animal fat, not so healthy but truly tasty.


The dessert consists of three items. In the plate on the left is the cold soup made of some melon. On the right, is forrest berries with coconut milk (modified from a typical Malaysian Chinese dessert). In the glass is a home made dessert liquor made from a fruit call mespilus.

I like the coconut dessert, reminds me very much of one particular dessert from Malaysia, the melon soup was very refreshing and the liquor was quite deadly alcoholic.

This place is definitely worth to return to. The menu never fails to surprise me in a good way and the understanding of my liking and disliking in food is extremely on a high level that no other chef (apart from Willem) can comprehend. However, as winter is approaching, I might just have to learn to enjoy the sour rabbit with sour cabbage which are typical Limburg food. Since I will be living here for unknown period of time, might as well adjust to the local taste.

Cost of the meal: 2 Dutch kisses and 2 hugs upon arrival, 2 more Dutch kisses and 2 more hugs upon departure.


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