Chateau Neercanne (again!) – lunch

It’s almost too soon to return to Chateau Neercanne for another meal but we did. This time we went with Willem’s parents for a nice lunch while announcing to them that we are getting married at Chateau Neercanne.

Chateau Neercanne in the afternoon feels very different from the evening. There were still enough sun light to enjoy the landscape and the cows were still out grazing. The photo on the left was taken by Har and it nicely describes the feel of the afternoon.

This makes me wonder if I should host a wedding lunch instead of a wedding dinner?

Chateau Neercanne does offer affordable 3 course lunch menu but on that particular day, everybody was going for the 4 course Gourmet Menu with wine pairing except Jules who had to drive us back. Mind you, wine drinking in the early afternoon makes me drunk faster than the evening drinks.

We started the lunch with a glass of champagne each and then we were served with two amuse which the first one was lobster soup with mussels and second one was this goat cheese coated with some cherry gel thing. Both were very enjoyable but the cherry gel reminds me of the nicest foie gras I had in Istanbul which I should have another post for.

Then came the starter of the beef tartare top with generous pieces of autumn truffles. There is only one person that I know of who does not like truffle, I don’t understand how can anybody does not like truffle.

This dish was well made and the mixture of all ingredients including the dressing was well balanced.

For the second course, we were served with trout fish (I think). The little dar brown stuffs at the side were veal cheek and they were heavenly. I wished the veal cheek was the main thing in the dish instead of the fish to be honest.



Then come the partridge with pan fried foie gras and some blood sausage at the side. I have had this dish during my last visit and I remembered the foie gras was much tastier. This was a little disappointment for a dish I was really looking forward to (for the foie gras). I think maybe the chef was not in the kitchen during lunch time?!


For the dessert, we were serve the stuffs in the picture. I cannot remember what they were but I ate them all. Willem again change his sweets for the cheese and I manage to take a good photo of the cheese cart this time. For the cheese eating people, it was difficult to choose from the selection they have which cheese do they want on the plate.

I am not sure if there are limited choices one can have or he/she can have a bit of everything? Willem had chosen about 6 types of cheese for his dessert from this fancy cart.

Now… can we have this cheese cart for our wedding too? I can think of a certain somebody going crazy over the cheeses, for him traveling so far… he deserves some good cheese!

I wish I have enough wine knowledge to post about the wine pairing experience. I have asked Willem to take note on the wine they served and so that he can eventually put some of his comment on the wine here. He is VERY impressed with the sommelier and had given him one of his top two experiences with sommeliers. It must be quite a challenge to please Willem with wine pairing as he has so many opinions himself on what is best for which dish.




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