Villeneuve Bar Restaurant Maastricht

Willem had purchased 2 Villeneuve vouchers from Social Deal for a 3 course meal long time ago. We tried to make reservation for a couple of times but they were always fully booked when we did not call in advance. Finally the vouchers’ expiry date were coing up and we had to make sure we call early enough to get a table, we did.

Villeneuve was highly recommended by some people and we were looking forward to the dinner. It was located in St Pieter, about 12 minutes walk from our place. It was a pleasant quiet walk to the restaurant and during the walk, I had this feeling that the dinner is going to disappoint us.

The restaurant was indeed quite full, there were only 2-3 tables left. There are two parts of the restuarant, the bar front and the inside dining area. The (bar) front dining area I find a little too cramp for comfortable dining and I was feeling lucky that our table was located at the inside dining area where you get a little more space in between tables.

The lighting of the place is nicely dim (I don’t like the big spot light dining place) but bright enough to see what you are being served. The waitress was very polite and when requested to explain the meal in English, for a second I thought she might be an English student with her 3 seconds Queen’s English accent.

So we were getting carpaccio salad for starter, risotto with grilled dorade as main and a dessert of chocolate mousse.

The carpaccio was not the best one I had. The meat was not from the best of quality and I find it rather fatty and not chew-able. Willem thinks the salad and dressing was too much and rather distracting for a carpaccio dish. I remember the last carpaccio I had at Petit Bonhuer to be much more enjoyable than this.

The main course – risotto with grilled dorade top with some tomato based sauce. The tomato based sauce was a little unnecessary, it did not add to the dish. The risotti was ok to me but Willem thinks it tastes too much like the instant risotto. Dorade was nicely grilled but could have a bigger piece.

Overall it was indeed as my instinct, a disappointing meal. It’s a pity that we like the staffs and services and smiles but not the food. This place may be the hot spot for the St Pieter residents for it’s location and good services but not for us to return to.


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