Cafe Frape (Proeflokaal Het Bat) – the best beer bar in Maastricht or shall we say the Netherlands?

I am not a beer drinker and I often drink either Brand Pilsner or guinness stout – boring.

Once a while Willem talks about this “special beer bar” in Maastricht which I pay little attention to. Beers… not my favourite drink really, there are so many types of beer in a normal bar, why need a special one?

BUT… if you are a beer lover, this is the place to be. You will meet the guru of beer, with so much passion for what he loves and he likes to help you pick your beer.

These days we quite like exploring new bar and I found a couple of nice one that I don’t mind going to. This beer bar has become my recent favourite for that I am getting some odd new beers that I would never order for myself if I were at any normal bar.

The owner (behind the beer in the pic)  has great passion for beer and Willem thinks he knows his beer as well as Willem knows his wine, follow by Willem stressing that he really knows his wine well. It’s always nice to know people in the trade really likes what they selling, like Dino and Steffi from Enoteca diSteffi.

Since I don’t know the owner’s name yet, let’s call him the beer master. The beer master has about 50 beers in his menu but I read he has up to 200 beers in stored. I am starting to take photos of the beers I have drunk there and going to make sure I drink all of them and take a count by the end of the … list?

The bar has no up to date decoration, it looks like a bar that is full of left over decorative stuffs since day one it was opened. Some neon lights of the beer brands blinking, some beer bottles by the window, a TV screen showing wood fire, a couple of tables around… Not the most atmospheric bar you can go to in Maastricht but people are here for the beer and they like the beer master I guess.

My first visit was about a year ago in December 2010. I remember this weird “altar” looking thing with a Flying Dog Brewery sign and 2 “black puppets” which now I learned is the zwarte piet (Sinterklass’s helpers). Apparently the Flying Bog brewery brews the beer Master’s favourite beer. He adores dark beer and the Flying Dog Brewery comes from the United States.

He speaks good English but prefers to communicate in Dutch unless I do ask him questions. Very friendly, calm person, nice to have behind the bar.

When you are in Maastricht, remember to drop by this bar and simply describe to him what sorts of taste do you like and see what he can surprise you with. The name Proeflokaal Het Bat suggests that it’s some sort of a tasting room which is fairly accurate. It’s not a place you would go jolly dancing and getting drunk, it’s a place where you taste the beer and be WOW by the list of beers he has in his sleeves.

The bar is located on Het Bat, facing the Maas River, next to Les Papiers Du Monde.


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One Response to Cafe Frape (Proeflokaal Het Bat) – the best beer bar in Maastricht or shall we say the Netherlands?

  1. Willem says:

    Great place this! There is another beer cafe in Maastricht, Take One, in the Rechtstraat in Wyck. Very peculiar owner, who in some kind of funny way decides for you what to drink. Smokers pub.
    The Beers Master’s place is a step up. He also can talk about wine a bit, and beer/food matching. He also ages some beers.
    I used to do this as well with my Dad, often to great results, especially with Brand Sylvester, Gouden Carolus, and the strong trappist ones. Now we have two Liefmans Goudenband of 5+ years in our cellar, from when Liefmans was still owned by Liefmans! Wow, perhaps my favorite beer, after the once only made Breydel & De Coninck I tasted an odd 20 years ago with my Dad in Antwerpen. Dad still talks about it!

    This last wine is a type sometimes calles a ‘wine-beer’, since they are strong, combine fullness with a softly sweet touch, partially from alcohol, balanced by nice acidity, and complex a bit fruity (wine fruity, not like cherry beer and their likes) aromas. Nice examples are the Val Dieu strongest one he has on draught now, the rare Westvleteren trappist 12 (of which a person can only buy one case per year on appointment), Rochefort trappist 10, and for example beers like Duchesse de Bourgogne, Rodenback Grand Cru, the special cuvee of Gouden Carolus. MMM

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