Tuutsje van Teuntje THE friterie at Wyck

I think Americans probably have the highest fries consumption rate from all the movies, documentary about their obesity problems but there were a few moments when I have second thought about if this is true.

Moment 1 – At Witloof, they serve such big portion of fries that we hardly get to half of what they gave us. The waitress assumed us that the portion is not too much, most of the time people wish they had more.

Moment 2 – I was told that Belgians make the best fries by frying them in animal fat. Everybody in Belgium and Netherlands loves fries made in animal fat (!).

Moment 3 – I was at the Friterie at Wyck, waiting in the queue for 10-15 minutes, behind 3 customers. All they ordered was fries, fries, and more fries! Seriously, a lot of fries, for the 2 skinny ladies, the mother with 2 children, 2 elderly looking women and many more after us in the queue.

So, this Friterie place is not just any Friterie in Maastricht, but THE one to go to. The Friterie is located along Wycker Brugstraat, diagonally opposite Cafe Zondag. I quite like Wyck, they have many specialty shops and apparently most of them come with good quality goods and services. If we were not living in the Jekker Quartier, I think Wyck is the place I want to live in.

Outside this Friterie, they have a screen with their menu. They even have fancy sweetbread croquette and foie gras croquette. We ordered the sweetbread croquette and shrimps croquette for euro2.50 each. Coming from Asia, it’s not cheap for that little piece of fried food. But I also know that in restaurants, they charge up to Euro6 per piece of croquette. My favourite croquette comes from Witloof, not cheap but I love them!

The croquette from this Friterie are quite nice, the filling taste very much as their names but I find the battered could be more like those from Witloof, rougher with more crunch. However, I think the croquettes were good enough for my to go back again and maybe try the fries where everybody was queuing for. Where did you have your best fries? I had mine at McD. 😦


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One Response to Tuutsje van Teuntje THE friterie at Wyck

  1. Willem says:

    haha, nice place indeed. The ‘older’ famous fries place is Reitz at the market…nice fries, but I actually like Witloof’s fries better as well. And same for the kroketten – though at 2,50 for a shrimp croquette you have a bargain!
    hmmm… McD… well, their fries is probably the only edible thing the serve :p

    This post reminds me of a great food/wine matching story: once upon a time I was drinking a wine from the French Jura region with a very good sommelier. It was made from the savagnin grape, which gives fresh slightly full wine, some dryish fuller acids, and quince like aroma’s, not overly fruity. Upon tasting the wine he immediately called up his girlfriend who was just on her way back from work to ask her to buy us some bad quality (mass production made) croquettes. The bad quality was important! Upon our second glass the food arrived, and the usually cardboard tasting things this time, with this wine, were very nice! (1)+(-1) = 3. Respect!

    In general, with croquettes, the fuller but acidic Jura wines can go wel, maybe even the famous Vin Jaune. Since it is fatty and crispy, I would, no surprise, go for a fuller 2-3 years old riesling, or and old fashioned 2-3 year old white Rhone wine, full of taste, not too fruity, but offering body and structure, with enough acidity to keep the ‘mouthwater’ flowing! Obviously, white Rhone or riesling will give completely different total experience: a good reason to pop up 2 bottles!

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