Food back home!

Stewed duck legs in herbal soup from Gu Le Tian in Kuala Lumpur

It has been a long time since my last post, been back to Malaysia doing a lot of eating while spending time with family and friends. The eating started from Singapore, to our favourite Sushi Tei and Imperial Treasure, then in Kluang for Bak Kut Teh, 128 Seafood Restaurant and curry fish head. Later we went on to Kuala Lumpur and ate at Gu Le Tian the famous up market Chinese restaurant but the highlight of KL was the street hawker at Jalan Alor.

Jalan Alor street food scene

We spent about RM150 among 3 adults and 2 children, had no less than 10 dishes of food on the table. We had salted egg crab, vongole stir fried with sambal, morning glory with cutter fish, satay, grilled stingray, carrot cake, stir fry oyster with eggs and Penang fried kuey teow. Yum!

Before we left KL, I had to taste my favourite Kayu Nasi Kandar. The prices have been inflated too much these days

Nasi Kandar Kayu's Briyani rice

and between Willem and I, we had over 50 Ringgit bill for two plates of briyani which is considered as very expensive for Malaysian standard. But I must say that’s still my favourite version of Briyani mutton after visiting the very original nasi kandar in Penang. I am always amazed how they can cook so many variety of curries with different meat and spices and each of the curry taste distinctly different from the other.

Wan ton noodle stall on Chulia Street in Penang

The food eating continued in Penang with a lot of nasi kandar, kuey teow, and the best wan ton noodle stall in Chulia Street. It was a stall by the road side, with 4 tables and few stools, 1 old man a few ladies working and a long queue consisting the locals and some back packing tourists. Wan ton noodle is such a simple yet delicious dish that you can get almost everywhere in Singapore and Malaysia.

Wonderland, highly recommended.

From Penang, we took a 50 minutes flight to Langkawi island where we spent two night before heading to the beautiful Ko Lipe, an island in the very South of Thailand. Seafood was what we aimed for being on a Malaysian island. First night we headed to Orchid Restaurant at Cenang Beach, I was surprised by the question asked by my Malay waiter who was taking order from us – “Do you want your deep fried soft shell crabs as entree or main course?” (!) This should not be a question in that sort of restaurant, they have served too many tourists and prices have gone way too expensive and quality of food drops tremendously. So the next night, we headed to my ever trust worthy The Wonderland Seafood restaurant in Kuah Town. Fast cooking, good service and super cheap prices. 10 dishes among 6 adults and a few beers cost us no more than RM195.

Our take away lunch from Hantale Restaurant

Ko Lipe is a small Thai island lays about 25 nautical miles from Langkawi, which is about 1 hour by ferry. It used to be a rare gem but now is fairly touristy with the new ferry services set up and immigration office on the island. We had tried a few good restaurants here. Hantale (at the Walking Street) and Mountain Resort restaurant were both serving very good authentic Thai food.


After the great holiday in the warm South East Asia, I am now back in the horrible winter in Maastricht, trying to make Thai beef salad with glass noodle and ho mok and salted egg dish and probably eventually trying the duck legs in herbal soup. The up side of the winter is that carnival is coming this weekend which will evolve Maastricht into some crazy drinking party town as if it is not one already.



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