Bacon Pastry

The first time I tried these tasty little pastries was at diSteffi wine bar. Whenever Steffi’s mom comes for visit, she mades nice little snacks for the bar which benefits customer like me!

I made these cute bacon pastry for the family BBQ last Saturday. It was very easy to make and most importantly, everybody liked it!

1 sheet of the ready made pastry + 10 slices of (raw) bacon (in strip form) produce about 35 pieces of cookies.



  • 1 ready made pastry roll
  • 1 pack of uncooked bacon (10 strips)
  • 1 piece of baking paper
  • 1 egg – beaten
  1. Remove the pastry from the packaging, unroll it and put on a flat clean surface (chopping board will do).
  2. Lay bacons over the pastry parallel to the longer side of the pastry in order to get both fat and lean part of the bacon on each cut. There might be bacons overlapping in the middle, it is ok.
  3. Start rolling the pastry along the longer side of the sheet until the pastry and bacon becomes a cylinder in shape.
  4. Use a knife to cut through the pastry and bacon in length of less than 1cm. Don’t worry if it is no longer round in shape or if the pastry is falling apart a little. They will become round and fluffy when put in the oven.
  5. Lace the baking tray with baking paper and put the pastries on the tray. Keep some distance between the pastries for they will puff up slightly when cooked.
  6. Brush lightly the beaten egg on the surface of the pastries, this will give it a nice brown effect when cooked.
  7. Pre heat the oven to 200 degree, bake the pastries for 20 minutes. If you have two trays like me ( I made about 70 bacon pastries with 2 rolls of pastry sheet), the bottom one might need additional 3 minutes after the top tray is being removed.
  8. Cool the pastries before serving.

You could of course add some herbs if you like, or onions. Add them before rolling.


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One Response to Bacon Pastry

  1. Cilia Wijnen says:

    En het was heel lekker. Merci. Groet, Cilia

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