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Stir fry broccoli with shiitake mushroom and scallop 芥蓝花炒香菇带子

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Ordering any dish with scallops usually cost quite a fair bit in both Asia and Europe. I used to buy the frozen scallop in Singapore and make my own scallop dish if I feel like to have scallop. The frozen … Continue reading

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Stir fry french beans (green beans/乌龟豆)

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The French beans aka green beans has a funny name in Hokkien – 乌龟豆 (tortoise beans). Not sure what they name it such, I don’t see the tortoise side of the beans. I am bit worry each time we go grocery … Continue reading

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Stir fry kailan with pork

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There are few types of green Asian leafy vegetable we can get here in Maastricht, mainly they are sold in the Amazing Oriental Asian Supermarket. Our all time favourite is pak choys, occasionally I grab the spinach (smaller than the … Continue reading

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Steamed Pak Choy

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Recently we bought a steamer.   Steaming is one of the easiest and least messy ways of preparing food. We use it to steam fish, prawns, vegetables, chicken…etc. Two weeks ago I had a slowly simmered pork ribs, steamed fish … Continue reading

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Stir Fry “Winged Beans” (Four sided beans)

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Winged beans, a weird name. In Chinese, we literally call this “four horns beans” – 四角豆 I was surprised to see this in the “Amazing Oriental” supermarket, yes, the name of the supermarket is Amazing Oriental. I think they have several … Continue reading

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Petai bean (stink bean) with prawns and sambal

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I think Boon had introduced petai bean to me at one of the cheap lemak place we used to visit often when I was living in Malaysia. the petai sambal… yummm…. Then back in Kluang, there was this lunch restaurant … Continue reading

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Stir fry lady fingers

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Last night was my most efficient cooking night. 3 veg and a steamed fish all in 40 minutes from preparation to cooking. Usually it takes us 30 minutes to decide what to cook and an hour for the cooking itself. … Continue reading

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