About My Taste His Taste

Love eating and wine drinking. Enjoy cooking, have little patience in reading/following recipes, think they are all too complicated, so most of the time, I make my own dish simplifying the recipes I found online. Some times combining more than one recipe for the same dish I want to cook.

Have recently fallen in love with pasta, something I been avoiding due to the wrong influence of American cheesy pasta. Italian pasta rocks! It can be so simple to make and yet so tasty, it’s quickly rising to the status of rice in my own Aiwee Chinese cooking dictionary.

My Chinese (or Malaysian Chinese) cooking aims to have the simple day to day meals which need only one hour to prepare and cook. Absolutely love pork ribs, in lotus soup, in bak kut teh, in black bean… These are the easiest throw everything in a pot and simmer for one hour delicious foods.

There is almost no French, Italian… complicated ang moh cooking for me. So if i can make a pasta that looks and tastes anywhere near to the restaurants stuffs, so can you! In love with pesto sauce, simple seafood tomato based pasta top with basil leafs, and the vongole…

I believe in buying good quality ingredients if you can taste the difference. The right meat, pasta, oil.. I don’t stinge when it comes to food and cooking.

Lucky me, I have a boyfriend who loves the same. He cooks much better than I, having some experience working in restaurant kitchen and very interested in the science of cooking. We have over 600 bottles of wines in the cellar, that’s the love of his life, I just like drinking them.

We probably have no less than 50 cook books at home, I hardly read them but often extract the info from Willem’s brain. He is the one into the thorough research in the food he makes and I enjoy being a cowboy cook.

The title My Taste His Taste started from us always comparing notes on the food we eat, at home and also in the restaurants. Willem should post his opinions on restaurants or wine review from time to time, only he knows the grapes and the slope the vine trees grows on and which year had more or less rain in which region and when to drink what.

Bear with my English grammer and enjoy cooking, eating, drinking, tasting and experimenting!


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