Het Franse Huis

Het Franse Huis

Het Franse Huis on Koestraat

This is one of my favourite delicacies shop in Maastricht. We call it “the slow lady shop”. There is only one lady manning the shop and we suspect she is also the owner. Usually I have no patience for “slow” people but for her, I wait. She is such a nice person and she is slow because she handles her delicacies like a jeweler handling the diamonds.

Willem gave me a long list of items to get on the birthday party while I went for a city walk with Ailing. This was the last stop and I had 10 items I need to buy from her and 6 of them I had no clue what they were.

Het Franse Huis

She delicately slice the salmon for me, the ham, packing rilette, tamara, cheese…etc Her tamara and rilette are really nice, she made it herself. It was nearly Euro 100 damage but well worth the money.

In the afternoon, often the students head there for some nice sandwiches. One guy when I was there, waited half an hour for his queue to have a sandwich and I thought he must really like her sandwich.

Het Franse Huis

Dried ham, salmon, sausages, pate, tamara, rilette... yum. On the right which is not show in this photo is the French cheese.

She has a neat website http://www.hetfransehuis.com in 4 different languages!



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